We are an established expert in international television content markets with a special focus on emerging formats (3D, 4k, HDR, 360, VR) and innovative distribution strategies. To see our track record since 2012, visit our news page. We offer the following services to a wide range of clients:

  • For content platforms, we offer content sourcing and aggregation services and often act as content buying agent based on specific briefs from clients.
  • For content producers, we offer content licensing services and often act as sales agent for filmmakers. We are able to find publishers, TV broadcasters, DVD labels, VOD platforms all over the world. Our clients include CCTV, Samsung, Sony, Deutsche Telekom, AT&T, NatGeo, Discovery, NBC Universal, Virgin Media, ABC, Netflix, DirecTV, Amazon and France Telecom.
  • For anyone seeking advice on strategic, distribution and content related matters, we often act as strategy consultant. Previous clients included Bloomberg Television, Monash University, Kabel Deutschland, Korean and Australian Government bodies, Wild Earth Media, XrisP, and many more.
  • For broadcasters and production companies we act as production and co-production partner for international projects. Our collaborators have included NHK, Studio Hamburg, Montana Productions, reallifefilm, mo’content, 3DGuy, Cow-Prod, and the public funding body Screen Australia.
  • For conference organizers and film festivals, we are available as panelists and facilitator of workshops. CEO Torsten Hoffmann is a sought-after speaker, moderator and jury member at events on 5 continents and include Cannes (9 times), Los Angeles, Seoul, Paris, Singapore, Beijing, Berlin, Capetown, Hamburg, Brussels, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Munich, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Melbourne, Dubrovnik, …. He mainly focuses on the intersection of technology and content with a particular focus on content monetization of emerging content formats such as 3D, 4k, 8k, 360, VR. Other frequent topics include documentary filmmaking, indie distribution, crowdfunding, producing in emerging niche formats, Virtual Reality, blockchain for IP holders.