Recent Deals and Press


  • International business trips for conferences and meetings in Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, and Singapore.
  • Speaking gigs at MIPCOM, Medientage, and VR Days. First time attendance at ATF
  • The price of Bitcoin has increased 40x since we released our documentary about the topic. The recent media interest has motivated us to start work on a second updated documentary about crypto currencies
  • Production for our history documentary has started
  • We experience a drop in interest for passive and monoscopic 360 videos
  • VCG continues to produce VR content for several clients and live stream events in 3D360. The group also supports several international film festivals
  • Exclusive partnership with a French production and distribution company
  • Several new TV series and documentaries inn 4k HDR, 8k or VR are in development
  • Content licensing deals in the USA, Korea, Japan, Israel, Kenya, Georgia, China, Taiwan, Spain, and Inflight&Hotel Entertainment systems


  • VCG started to exclusively aggregate and deliver licensed 360 and 3D360 content to one of the largest VR platforms in the USA
  • VCG representatives spoke, exhibited and presented at VR events in 6 countries including Japan
  • More than 20 new productions, typically in 3D360
  • VCG signs up 6 new producers as global sales agent
  • VCG develops a premium slate of own-IP projects for funding and co-productions
  • 4k Content Hub continues to thrive as UHD becomes the new standard. We keep ahead of the competition by licensing more and more HDR and 8k content
  • 4k Content Hub confirms new content sales agreement in the USA and in Japan
  • Performance on VOD platforms for our Bitcoin documentary is at an all-time high


  • VCG supported VR film festivals in Italy, Japan, Finland
  • VCG scored two major contracts with the French and German Government​. ​
  • VCG presented at various VR and investor events in Laval, Paris, London, Sydney, Cannes, Las Vegas​.
  • This video shows a few of the new projects we’re working on at VCG
  • 4k Content Hub invited by Discovery and imda to give a workshop in Singapore
  • 4k Content Hub as exhibitor with Screen Australia at MIPCOM
  • Korean VOD Deal for Yosemite on Fire
  • Won an award in Singapore for VR short film Tomorrow
  • Reseller agreement for our Best of UHD compilation in the USA
  • Our second successful Kickstarter campaign with 236 supporters
  • As Bitcoin price increases by 10 times, there is a resurgence in our Bitcoin documentary
  • Content Aggregation agreement with a major US VR platform
  • Upgraded hardware and software to increase service offerings across the VCG organisation. Now, we’re one of the few full-service studios in the sector
  • 8K co-production and three larger VR series
    in development with high-profile directors and partners​


  • Live broadcast of 360 degree music concert in Germany supported by VCG
  • VCG licensing agreement with multinational publisher
  • Ranked as top independent UHD BluRays in the German market (Wild Pacific)
  • Several license agreement with Sony’s Television Department in Tokyo
  • Licensing deals for Test my Ride, Yosemite on Fire, Moon Shots, The Wild Pacific, Reflections: Iceland, Ancient Angkor
  • VCG’s Paris office moved to a new cool location
    ​- Agreement with 4 high-level advisers to join ​the VCG Team
    ​- Launched several social media channels (facebook, twitter) for VCG


  • Part of the Australian delegation for MIPCOM
  • Signed first two VR / 360 degree package license agreements with clients in Asia and Europe
  • Published biography about Fidel Castro and another Cuba themed documentary
  • VCG has produced and collaborated on more than 150 projects to date. Boardmeeting in Berlin.
  • VCG wins another two awards (The VR Society)
  • Consulting agreement with WildEarth Media
  • Acquired two more UHD Blurays for German-speaking markets
  • License agreement for Yosemite Wild, Into the Cave of Wonders and Genet
  • More deals with hardware manufacturers for 4k HFR and HDR content
  • Co-produced three VR series



  • Citylights series licensed in Germany and Switzerland
  • Wild Gibraltar sold to an Eastern European VOD platform
  • Continue to work with Amazon on 4k DTO rights and some of our titles
  • Part of the Screen Australia delegation to Cannes
  • Negotiated with other firms to merge into a larger VR group. Boardmeeting in Paris.
  • Several public screenings of the Bitcoin documentary
  • Assisted Korean animation company to set up global co-production partnerships


  • CEO Torsten Hoffmann Torsten Hoffmann on extensive consulting project for Australian client
  • UHD BluRays published including Wild Pacific
  • Khumbu Valley licensed to Poland
  • Retail Display rights for a major TV manufacturer
  • Strategy to tackle Virtual Reality Market
  • Reflections Iceland licensed to a large US platform
  • Attended AIDC to pitch an Australian production about ancient history





  • Confirmed speaker at MIPTV (Cannes)
  • Signed up new films: Age of Hubble, Guardian Council
  • Partnered up with three other rights holders to have a very large combined Ultra-HD content portfolio for clients planning to launch a 4k service. We can now (on a case by case basis) also offer music concerts and feature films in native digital 4k.
  • Signed deals with a Latin American customer and a global VOD provider incl. films Khumbu Valley, The Genet, California Wild, Treasures of Thailand, Moon Shots, Auroras, Hayaku, Muay Thai Madness
  • Released more 3D BluRays from our American partner studio
  • Our list of 4k content buyers and potential licensees currently stands at 170.
  • Started to work with new sales agents in Spain, France and Australia
  • The compilation “Best of 3D” has now sold more than 80,000 units worldwide
  • Official partner and content supplier of the SD&A conference for the third year running
  • started development of further 4k documentary productions
  • submitted our own production Bitcoin; The End of Money As We Know it to about a dozen film festivals worldwide.
  • part of the Australian delegation to Asia’s largest documentary event

Nov/Dec 2014

  • Added part-time support staff for video editing work
  • Added part-time support staff for VOD and DVD reports because this part of our business is increasing
  • Ranked as No.1 3D BluRay label in Germany
  • Started to work with new Sales Agents in Eastern Europe, India, and Japan
  • Finished 4k edit of the documentary Ancient Angkor as co-producer
  • New 4k productions in our content lineup
  • Signed an output production deal for 900 minutes of sports broadcasts
  • Released a 3D compilation for kids in Germany
  • Acquired Home Entertainment rights for a new HD property for German speaking territories.
  • Focused more on HD rights exploitation with the help of international experts in the field.
  • Signed a footage supply agreement with Bloomberg Television for our Bitcoin documentary
  • Helped to facilitate two AVOD short-form content trials in Southern Africa and Germany
  • Started development for a history series based on the first episode of Ancient Angkor and the positive press coverage so far

Aug/Sep/Oct 2014

  • New representation agreements for the following films: Angkor, Liquid Notes, Bubbles, Travel Tales India, Galapagos, and more…
  • Our first 4k co-production, produced in Cambodia: Ancient Angkor 4k
  • Speaker at 3D and 4k conference in Paris
  • Interview shoots in New York, Cambridge and London for our first production
  • Part of the Screen Australia delegation to attend MIPCOM in Cannes
  • Licensed 4k content to 3 Eastern European countries, China, Korea, Germany, SONY and several VOD platforms
  • Main content supplier for new 3D VOD app 3Doo
  • Released a new compilation: Best of Animation, Space Intelligence and Wingsuit 3D
  • Media partner (third year running) at the leading Korean 3D festival: 3D KIFF . Atmosphere won the Shortfilm Grand Prize at the event
  • Licensed more 3D films to China and published an interview with experts in the market on our blog
  • Official Media Partner for 3D Music Fest in Barcelona
  • Established more relationships with regular HD buyers and distributors
  • Signed up 4 more new sales agents and sub-distributors
  • Signed an extension deal with an Asian IPTV platform to supply linear pay TV channels

May/Jun/Jul 2014

  • Acquired new films including 3D Flames, El Milagro, Hayaku, several 4k 60fps films, new shortfilms, new documentaries
  • Best of 3D BluRay was launched in more than a dozen territories through our partner NBC Universal
  • Invited as VIP buyer at a South Korean exhibition for animation content. Started acquiring kids content for Germany
  • Licensed eight 3D films including Black Forest, Aragon, Aloft, Fireworks, and Luigi’s Pizzaride to a large European customer
  • Official sponsor of a Chinese 3D Filmfestival and confirmed speaker at two European events
  • Our agent successfully sold Austrian Huskyman to Italy
  • Licensed more episodes of the Kalahari Meerkats series in HD and 3D to China
  • Most of our sales activities are now in 4k, but we see a renewed interest in 3D due to glasses-free 3D devices and Oculus-type of technologies
  • Acquired Home Entertainment and VOD rights to 8 films for Germany from a US partner
  • Changed and Upgraded internal processes regarding content delivery.
  • Hired Ben Woolley as support in Melbourne, Australia
  • Signed a supplier agreement with Amazon Instant Video
  • International Launch for Luigi’s Pizzaride and Ireland, The Celtic Way with Yabazam
  • Working with five VOD platforms to bring our 4k films to consumers.
  • The fourth installation of Best of 3D is ready to be released in Germany. This time with even more award-winning shortfilms and a special focus on animation
  • Successful Kickstarter campaign for our first own production with interview shoot in Melbourne, Australia
  • Initiated partnership with the largest Korean 3D festival to be media sponsor
  • Kings of Baja is now in selected theatres in the USA
  • Submitted various 3D films to various international film festivals

March/April 2014

January/Februay 2014

  • Aquired a large list of native 4k films
  • CEO Torsten Hoffmann travels to Los Angeles and attends Natpe in Miami
  • published a controversial introspection for the 3D industry on our blog
  • acquired our first live-action feature films
  • negotiating sponsorships and promotions for a Chinese 3D conference and the upcoming NAB show in Las Vegas
  • sold a fashion series in 2D to an international web channel
  • negotiations with seven 4k buyers in Asia
  • hired an intern to help with our first own production
  • started work on the fourth installation of the Best of 3D Bluray series

November/December 2013

September/October 2013:

July/August 2013:

  • First 4k Content Deal. is off to a good start. Website still under development
  • Started to work on the third release of the “Best of 3D” series.
  • Release of new innovative “3D Masterpieces” series with San Base as first title
  • Continued negotiations with new clients in Middle East, India and Eastern Europe
  • Package License Deal for 2D rights in Eastern Europe and more smaller 2D broadcasting deals for Fire Ants and Burma
  • Deployment of Basic 3D VOD Package continues
  • Our films (about 20 hours) are now available for VOD at Virgin
  • Preparing for two upcoming 3D festivals in the next few months
  • Licensed two episodes of Cubs ‘n Pups to a TV maker

June 2013:

  • Sold Angkor, Black Forest, Cosmic Journey and Fire Ants to a large European broadcaster
  • Licensed 3D Safari and 3Ddive to a global 3D channel
  • Licensed Alligator Kingdom, Easter Island, Flying Falcons, Hooked, Spirit of the Sea, Switchcraft to Yabazam
  • Fundraising Projects for two 4k 3D underwater projects incl. one IMAX film
  • Successful Release of Black Forest as 3D Bluray in Germany
  • Consulting Project to help a Government agency to evaluate 3D productions
  • Trip to Los Angeles and Hollywood for meetings with 4k producers and other partners
  • Sold VOD rights for Explore 3D series to China
  • Signed up more 3D wildlife productions and 4k 3D shortfilms
  • Moved offices within Australia

May 2013:

April 2013:

March 2013:

  • Acquired the Home Video rights for Black Forest 3D
  • Attached as exec producer and fundraiser for two more 3D projects
  • Acquired for resell a 3D shortfilm from a Oscar winning animation studio

February 2013:

January 2013:

  • Further cooperation with two 3D VOD companies
  • Sold two Extreme Sports films to a German label incl. Carnage
  • started strategic cooperation with an European 2D distributor
  • started working on a monthly show about 3D gaming, an overlooked genre that we also featured in a special guest article
  • published a widely read article “13 Important Tips for 3D Filmmakers”
  • signed up award-winning films Shine, Fireworks 3D, DANCE! and Cosmic Journey
  • started to work on numerous 4k content partnerships including Lichtmond2, Morph and Spirit of the Sea
  • Licensed Fire Ants, MicroPlanet 3D and Burma to a European distributor with a focus on digital download and streaming platforms
  • Announced closing of investment round for 5 more wildlife-centric 3D documentary projects in South Africa

Dezember 2012:

November 2012:

October 2012:

  • Licensed a large package of films to a Video on Demand platform in Israel
  • Published stats about blog readership
  • Signed up many award-winning films for next BluRay compilation
  • Finalized new 3D documentary Black Forest 3D
  • Licensed two films to Yabazam in USA
  • Signed new 3D production company for their film Urbanatix 3D
  • Working on one of the first 3D 4k projects in Korea
  • Interview with Black Forest 3D Producer
  • Featured in CreativeCow magazine as 3D producers ‘best friend’
  • Started work on two 3D projects in 4k resolution

September 2012:

  • Licensed 3Ddive, Kalahari Meerkats, Austrian Huskyman, BirdPark, Lichtmond, and Burma to a customer in Eastern Europe
  • Official partner at 3D Film Festival
  • Speaker and Panel Chair at the 3D Entertainment Summit
  • Localizing Kalahari Meerkats, Angkor - Land of Gods, and Diving in Paradise into the German language
  • Finalizing the international version of Bet on it.
  • Gave interview for Chinese TV broadcaster
  • Three of our films screened and our filmmaker Ikuo Nakamura won two awards at 3DFF

August 2012:

  • Publishing of our first 3D BluRays in 7 markets. Top Ten in Germany … read more
  • Sold ‘FireAnts’ to a German customer
  • Delivered a larger package of 3D documentaries to a French customer
  • Sold ‘BirdPark’ to a German BluRay customer and Licensed to release it in international markets
  • Signed large VOD package deal in the United Kingdom via our local agents
  • Confirmed Panelist at 3D Film Festival and the 3D Entertainment Summit

July 2012

  • Licensing agreement for twelve films with one of the largest VOD platforms on the planet
  • Aggregation VOD deal with a TV manufacturer
  • Our 3D feature film is in the official selection of the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival. Another trip to Korea

June 2012

  • WildEarth, ‘Carnage’, ‘Fire Ants’, ‘Alligator Kingdom’, ‘BirdPark’, ‘Explore 3D’, ‘Cars&Driving’, ‘Spirit of Bangkok’ sold to Hungary
  • Film ‘Yakel’ wins an award for Cinematography
  • ‘Cars&Driving‘ and ‘Lichtmond’ sold to a Korean TV manufacturer
  • Licensed ‘Kalahari Meerkats’ for BluRay release in German markets
  • Licensed the high-profile documentaries ‘Gods of Angkor’ and ‘Fire Ants’ for BluRay release in German and UK markets
  • Signing on ‘Bet on it’, ‘The Taste of Korea’, and …

May 2012

  • Fundraising and Distribution agreement with ‘BW Man’
  • One of our agents sold ‘BirdPark’ to a German broadcaster
  • One of our 3D rock concerts licensed to Poland
  • Signing on new 3D titles from the Car&Driving series
  • Meeting industry professionals in Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur
  • Exhibiting at a Korean content market (BCM) and watching The Avengers in 4D
  • Speaking about how to make Korean 3D content fit for the global market at the 3D International Fair in Seoul

Apr 2012

  • Animation title ‘Galaxy Shield’ sold to a 4D theatre
  • Alligator Kingdom licensed to a German broadcaster
  • Speaking at MIPTV in Cannes to industry professionals about monetizing 3D content.
  • Localizing five films from English into German
  • Attending NAB in Las Vegas
  • Strategic partnership with a 3D Footage specialist
  • Various meetings in Los Angeles area

Mar 2012

  • Almost seven hours of quality content incl. ‘Fire Ants’, ‘Alligator Kingdom’, ‘3D Africa’, ‘3Ddive’, ‘BirdPark’ and ‘Yakel’ licensed to a VOD platform in 5 European territories through our local expert (agent).

Feb 2012

  • More VOD deals in China
  • More new titles signed up

Jan 2012

  • 3D Content licensing deal in the Czech Republic
  • Hugo, Martin Scorseses film is changing the 3D industry
  • Relocated to Australia

Dec 2011

  • 3 Larger Deals with 10 hours of content licensed to two customers in China. More agreements with UK and German BluRay labels for ‘BirdPark’ and ‘Mideval Trip’
  • Film ‘Burma - Encounters in a Forgotten Land’ wins first prize at Korean 3D Film Festival

Nov 2011

  • Deal with a German BluRay label for two of our producers

Oct 2011

  • 7 of our films sold to a global TV manufacturer
  • Attending MIPCOM in Cannes

Sep 2011

  • Our Swiss partner signed a package deal with a US based VOD platform
  • Our agent in Israel sold titles from 3 producers in Israel
  • Home Entertainment rights of ‘3D Safari’ and ‘3Ddive’ now sold to UK/Ireland as well

Aug 2011

  • Our agent based in the UK sold a small package of 3D titles to Finland
  • 3Dsafari and ‘Austrian Huskyman’ sold to German BluRay labels