My 3D Guide Travel Series

10 x 30 minutes

My 3D Guide USA: Las Vegas - with its parade of colorful neon signs, it’s an extraordinary festival of lights and attractions.
My 3D Guide Japan: Tokyo - a fascinating city which blends ancient traditions with modern visions of the future.
My 3D Guide Germany: Berlin - a dynamic city of continuous change, with its difficult history and rich cultural heritage.
My 3d Guide Italy: Rome - Old meets new in the capital of art, of literature, of  architecture, and of Catholicism. 
My 3D Guide to Vietnam: Hanoi - a green city with a mix of the past and present, often in close proximity to each other.
My 3D Guide to Holland: Amsterdam - laced with picturesque canals and colourful houses , it’s the Venice of the North.
Also includes My 3D Guide China, A Journey to Versilia , Marvels of Pisa and The Guardians of Valleys, Volterra.

Languages: English & Italian