MicroPlanet 3D

1 episode of 42 minutes

(USA, 2012)

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Michael Watchulonis, MicroPlanet 3D takes viewers on a groundbreaking adventure into the tiny kingdoms of thieves, assassins, and gentle souls alike.

See microscopic flatworms with miraculous powers of regeneration dig through the muck of a freshwater lake. Witness ferocious antlions build deathtraps and ambush fire ants. Learn how water striders do the seemingly impossible - walk on water. And watch sneaky toads find a mate on a beautiful moonlit night.

Spectacular 3D cinematography puts the audience inches away from some of the most bizarre and beautiful little creatures on earth that thrive without us … even in spite of us.

There is also an interesting interview of Michael Watchulonis on our blog.