Ireland, The Celtic Way

Length: 45 minutes

(USA, 2013)

Ireland, The Celtic Way is a cinematically rich exploration of the land and legends of the emerald isle. Crashing waves on rocks in foggy mists open our journey to Ireland in all her beauty: Carrowmore, Knock, Newgrange, Holy Wells and more.  Historic megalithic sites come alive with vivid CGI animation. Trace Ireland’s Celtic surprising Indo-European origins, brave history, vivid imagination, and deep spirituality.   Elves, fairies and interconnected spirituality are keys to survival here. Travel in time and space, from faith to folklore, through wide-ranging perspectives: storyteller Padraig Meehan; Brigid scholar Sean O’Duinn; singer Nóirín Ní Riain; Fr. Peter McVerry. A transformative experience, viewers gain appreciation for historic Celts, and a different way of looking at the world. 

Winner of the Best Documentary at the LA 3DFilm Festival

Languages: English