CityLights: New York

3 episodes x 30 minutes

The City: This chapter features the Big Apple: the city that never sleeps. From the Financial District to East Village, Soho and Midtown, including their main attractions such as the Wall Street, Times Square and the Central Park. Special: You will get an impression of the glamorous & vibrating atmosphere during Fashion Week in New York. Wine and Dine: The Meatpacking Disrict, as its name suggests, used to be dominated by 250 slaughterhouses. Today luxurious apartment buildings are standing next to the old industrial ones and it has become one of the most fashionable neighbourhoods in New York. Here we will explore the best places for food and drinks. Lifestyle: This chapter is reveals the special charm of The Village: a neighbourhood that is popular for its artistic and bohemian lifestyle. Way of Life: The East Village, which used to be part of the Lower Eastside, is one of the most exciting quarters in New York City. Probably because of its metamorphosis: From a notorious drug scene to a young and dynamic place.

Languages: English & German