CityLights: Australia

3 episodes x 30 minutes

Australia has many different sides to offer. In the first chapter of this episode we’ll give you an overview of the versatile continent and then focus on the exciting capital of New South Wales: Sydney. Wine and Dine: The ocean has always been the Gateway to Australia. In this issue of Wine and Dine we’ll show you the best restaurants in Sydney, with the focus on seafood at the famous Woolloomooloo quay.

Nature: This chapter we take you to the Kakadu National Park. With an expanse of 200 000 square meters it is the biggest National Park in Australia, located in the NorthernTerritory.

Architecture: Not only the most populous city, Sydney is probably also the city with the most innovative and dynamic architecture scene in Australia. And home to the iconic Opera House. Way of Life: We visit the most famous beach in Australia – the Bondi Beach and talk to the inhabitants.

Heritage: The last chapter in this episode of City Lights focuses on Australia’s landmark and its ‘Red Heart’, the Urulu. Jamie, our travel guide, entertains us with stories and myths surrounding the Uluru and about the Aborigines’ life.

Languages: English & German