Call of Hawks

1 episode of 62 minutes

(Germany, Italy, Switzerland, 2012)

Hundreds of years ago, Genghis Khan dispatched thousands of hunters with their falcons into the vast grasslands before his huge riding army arrived. Their job was crucial - to provide sustenance in the form of foul, deer and other game for the hungry hordes. In modern times, supermarkets and guns have made falconry redundant as a form of hunting, but many are still in awe of the sheer power and beauty of eagles and falcons. This film shows a dedicated group of people with their birds of prey during training sessions, public performances and in their private lives. The unique bond between man and bird is exemplified each time these wild birds are released to fly and by free will decide to return, always landing on the trusted hands of its owners.

Filmed in Italy, Germany and Switzerland using new 3D Camera systems this documentary showcases spectacular wildlife and landscapes. Out of respect for animal lovers there are no hunting or other gory scenes.

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