Bolts & Blip

26 episodes x 22 minutes

(Korea, 2012)

It’s 2080 and thanks to Genius scientist Dr. Tommy, Earth is at peace. He created the Moon C.R.A.T.E.R Project, the wackiest intergalactic sports circuit, where Robots known as the Lunar League settle Earth’s disputes. Two Central City misfits, Bolts & Blip, accidentally find themselves as members of the League’s last placed team THE THUNDERBOLTS and are now out to show the fans what they can do. With the help of their rag-tag band of teammates, the two friends discover what they are made of, especially once they discover that all is not what it seems… Both the Moon and the Earth are being threatened by Dr. Tommy’s arch-nemesis - Dr. Blood.

Awards & Accolades

Bolts & Blip App Store Game was awarded the best mobile game for kids age 6-11 in the 2012 Cynopsis Kids! Magination Awards USA