Black Forest 3D

2 episodes of 45 minutes - native stereoscopic 3D High Definition

(Germany, 2012)

It arose more than one billion years ago – and it is Germany’s most famous midrange-mountain area: the BLACK FOREST.

Dive into a land full of tales, myths and inspiration, formed by lovely people with a fascinating culture so steeped in tradition that has outlasted the centuries, a miracle of nature and a forest unlike any other - the Black Forest.

From the gorges of the Wutachriver with its primeval meanderings or the so called “Sauschwaenzlebahn”, a masterpiece of ambition, courage and highly skilled railroad engineering, to the abundance of palaces and castles, picturesque towns and canals, lakes and moors.

The BLACK FOREST: a fascinating world, full of surprises. Be inspired. Be enchanted.

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Languages: English, German, French