Bet on it! Horse racing 3D

1 episode of 27 minutes

(Germany, 2012)

Bet on it! Horse Racing 3D is a comprehensive film for horse racing fans. A major part of the horse racing experience lies in the betting, as such this film follows a punter from the moment she purchases a betting slip until her winnings are paid out. 3D Animation vividly explain the betting rules and how odds are calculated.

Other highlights include: a historical introduction of a 125 year old local racecourse using archival stills in black and white, Wolfgang Figge, Germany┬┤s most successful trainer of racehorses, reveals the secret to why his thorough bred horses are so successful, and an exciting race sequence. The documentary also features a judge explaining the challenging task of assessing a close photo finish and the techniques used to aid them in their decision making.

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