3D Safari Series

13 episodes x 28 minutes

(South Africa, 2010)

Ever wondered what it’s like to be immersed in the African wilderness? Well look no further. 3D safari will transport you to the depths of Africa. Sit on the back of an open top jeep whilst an expert ranger takes you on the ride of your life. For those of you who have never been to Africa, it is a truly mesmerizing place. When visiting the African wilderness you become immersed in a world that is like no other. The therapeutic feeling of driving across a plain with animals as far as the eye can see and crazy sounds coming at you from all directions is something that 2D TV cannot re-create. But now, for the first time ever 3D safari can transport you to this place and immerse you in these sights and sounds.

Our presenters are all expert Rangers who live and work in the greater Kruger National Park, South Africa. Every day they drive an open top jeep through the reserve looking for Africa’s iconic animals. On the back of this jeep is a cameraman with a 3D rig. He films everything from a viewer’s point of view. This specialized 3D rig will create a feeling of actually being there. When the elephant’s trunk stretches out towards the vehicle you will feel like you can reach out and touch it.

Our Rangers and cameramen go out for six hours a day every day. All footage is filmed in 3DHD and this has resulted in many hours of fantastic 3D footage. Our post production team will then create a highly polished 3D safari series which take the viewers on a journey across the wilderness.

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